Gratitude Project – final 2 days

And so the Autumn Equinox is upon us. After midnight, around 4:21 a.m. in my time zone Autumn officially arrives. Hail Autumn! Blessings to the depth and reminders that The Gratitude Project has brought to me.

Yesterday – for fighting my way through a problematic piece of my new project with an older, slightly ailing laptop.

Today – for my beloved cat seeming to feel a bit better. He’d been pukey and howling the night before last and still a wee bit of both early yesterday. He is 13 years old and I love his furry little self from nose to toes.

Gratitude Project – catching up is all I do!

Friday – a nice slow lazy day of singing a chant to death to get the tune down.I thought I had, then the next day I listened to it and nope. So I guess the time was wasted, but I am grateful to have the time towaste, so there is that.

Saturday – to get the daughter a wee bit more moved in to her new place.

Today – for having some extra dollars to buy a very useful thing for someone as a surprise.

Gratitude Project – 3 day catch-up

Tuesday – for starting a new project.

Wednesday – for Netflix having Call the Midwife season 4. Joy and tears, well done BBC.

Thursday – Some parts of Tai Chi are coming more smoothly and with less thinking so hard about each piece. A friend asked for a quick refresher today prior to the Fall session beginning (she had to miss most of 2015 thus far) and I did pretty well. I even remembered most of the correct names for the moves. *\0/*

Gratitude Project – for brilliant tech people

The fan on my laptop has decided that FULL POWER is its only comfortable setting, for no reason. I did utility tasks, disk repairs, cleaning apps, error code Googling and replacement of a newly replaced part based on the error code, hardware tests, compressed air dust removal X 3, climate adjustments, cleared PRAM and the SMC multiple times, and D/L’ed an app to track the internal temps of various bits. Do I have an answer?!?!? Nope. And all the apps that said it would give me control of the fan RPMs were liars.

I scheduled an appointment at the Apple store and the guy ran all their fancy tests and ended up just as frustrated as me because all the tests said “No problem!” He recommended removing the fan for another dose of compressed air. This laptop is too old (mid-2009) and they no longer have parts for repairs. [insert all my unkind thoughts here]

The additional spppprrsssttt ssspppprrrssstttt of air did nothing except help deplete the can. I cannot tell you how much I do not want to buy a new laptop because of a loud continuous fan.

Short story long – I Googled fu’ed for another hour and finally found an app that will allow me to control the fan. Silence at last. Aaaahhhh …..

Thank you developer who created this wondrous app for fun and for free. Blessings on you and yours.

Gratitude Project – I love my life!

As I found myself dancing my way to the kitchen and singing this I realized how deeply it is true. So!

Yesterday: Even though there are distinct rough patches to this very human life I love my life! Not in spite ofthe rough patches, but fully including them.

Today: for coffee and chatting with someone who looks around surreptitiously when I get up out of my chair and flail my arms as I loudly proclaim whatever Important Thing™ I am proclaiming at the moment, yet does not then suddenly look at their watch and say, “Gotta go!”


Gratitude Project – a quarter of a century

Sept. 8th – I could write a book! (But I won’t.) Marriage. So often speaking about it leans to the, “It’s hard work!” “Negotiations!” “Compromise!” “Fluctuating equality!”* And yes – all of those are true. Let me stress here, though – it is not all hard work, and negotiating, and compromise. If it were who would stay in it!? Not me, that’s for sure. So yes! All those things! But they are the shorter pieces of the long term partnership. The long languid this-is-why-I’m-here times are really easy. They are the moments, days, and years that just flow ~~~ the babbling brook that runs under the relationship, that swells with rain and rises and sweeps through it at times, but mostly acts a buoy. That ease from beneath is the reason today marks 25 years. Happy Anniversary, Beloved Husband!

*fluctuating equality is how I refer to relationship equality whereas nothing is a static 50/50, but most often a 60/40 and who is the 60 and who is the 40 shifts as needed in the moment.


Gratitude Project – quick 4 day catch up!

Sept. 4th – Finally, finally appropriately listening to my body in a way that allows me to maximize my strength without being down for the count for days afterward.

Sept. 5th – For a quiet exquisitely slow moving day.

Sept. 6th – For good Work getting done and seeing folks blossom into it.

Sept. 7th – Sssssooooo much laughter! So much genuine, good-natured, omg-that’s-so-true laughter. 😀