Elements of Magic Worksop, June 13-14

By Art, we deepen our vision, focus our will, and empower ourselves to act in the world. In this class we begin the practice of Magic, Witchcraft, and goddess/god/mysterious ones spirituality by working with the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Techniques include: visualization, sensing and projecting energy, chanting, trance, creating magical space, spellcraft, and structuring rituals. Group experience follows feminist consensus process. This class is the first of the core Reclaiming classes.

PREREQUISITE: Read the first six chapters of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk
WHERE: Pittsburgh area
WHEN: Saturday June 13 and Sunday June 14
COST: $150-$90, sliding scale.

A Bone and Briar Mystery School Offering

Send REGISTRATION information (preferred name, preferred email address) to thewitches@boneandbriar.com
Send PAYMENT through the Donate button here: http://www.blossomingbones.com/

Event sponsored by Reclaiming Pittsburgh.https://www.facebook.com/groups/649379201830219/

The Pagan Experience (blog project); April; wk 1; water

WK 1- Apr. 6 – Water – We are beings of water, but do we really honor it as element, physiologic need and the beginnings of our lives as humans? How do you honor water? How will you ensure its ebb and flow?

Well, those of us called to water in all its forms – as the sea, as the rain, as the tears we seek to dry, as the blood that pulses within us, minute by minute, day after day, for years on end – I’d say yes, we do honour it. But I can speak only for me.

I honour it in praise, whether watching it ripple and wave, rush and pool, or fall and puddle. I drink it in, relishing in the cool crispness of it. I pee it out, returning it to the earth (eventually). I admire its life-sustaining capabilities for microbes to whales. For humans of all sizes. For plants, animals, and insects. Even the cacti, though they have sparse needs, still need water to exist.

I travel it at Samhain, spirit feet gliding across the dark waters to visit the land of my beloved dead. I curse it in the form of snow and ice in the dead of winter, and bless it when it melts.

I speak to the deities of water – whispers of love, shouts of joy, chuckles of deep admiration, rituals of ecstasy. Water is for me the element that moves, lives, and breathes with me to most. Hail Water!



Verbal Boneweaver is eff’n verbal (Monday blogging early because CAMP!)

On Tuesday I had reason and desire to connect my throat chakra to the element of Air. I wanted to release misunderstanding and engage clear communication through my speech. This worked really well and I was very pleased. However, I have been trying to disconnect my throat chakra from the element of Air and I have been thwarted each time.

It has been an interesting wrestling match between the two of us. I have even stomped my feet and whinged, “why won’t you let me go?” But Air has quite the hold on me. This extra verbal side of me is one I have battled in the past. I have no desire to reengage. I have tried many forms of grounding since Tuesday night to be rid of it. And yet it continues.

Because of the relationship I have with Gods, the Universe, and All that Is, it has been a bit of a snarky conversation between Air and I. I have a playful jovial relationship with the various spirits of the unseen world.This is how I communicate with Them, therefore this is how I am communicated with. It creates an ease of engagement that works for all sides. In spite of this I opted to try other more conventional approaches. These efforts have warranted no change in the connection. Bugger that.

I do not want to close my throat chakra. I could and that would solve that, but I need it open for clear speech at the upcoming camp next week and the path I am co-facilitating. I will be singing and chanting at camp, also. I have enough trouble hearing my own voice in song without struggling through a closed throat chakra to boot.

Finally, I asked again, “if you will not let me disconnect how do I handle the excess verbiage so that I can stand being around myself and others will be able to stand being around me, too?” And here’s the answer I received: I was told to continue to speak and to continue to use as many words as I wish, but instead of speaking them to other humans through voice or text medium, I am to speak them to the wind.

StarFinder said: “Whisper your words and your song to the  overarching Spirit song that runs through the Seen and Unseen Worlds. Some of your words will drop into the middle of a forest. Some will run down the rabbit hole. Some will reach the stars. Some will float on top of the sea. And a few will make it to other humans’ ears. All of your words will join the song of Spirit. That is where they belong. Pay less attention to who hears your words and more attention to what you wish to say. The point of your speaking is for you, not for everyone else. So whisper, talk, sing, sob, chant, or scream your words to the wind. I will carry them where they need to go and you can release without worry. These are our jobs right now. Let’s do them together.”

So there you have it. This is my task. This I shall do. Hail StarFinder, keeper of my words, Holder of my secrets. May it be so.

Working with East – Monday blogging

As a group of us folk work our way through Thorn’s _Evolutionary Witchcraft_ book one chapter at a time (in order which is a different approach for me) I find East perfectly timed with the Spring-to-Summer that is happening now. This time of year/book chapter is all about opening up and starting fresh. It is breathing deeply the green all around me and letting go of the drab dead pieces within and without As I cut what I no longer need from me I also cut the dead parts of the plants outside that didn’t survive the harsh Winter. What no longer serves, goes.

Breathing in the energy of East.  It is softer than South who also removes what no longer serves to allow new to occur. I feel my heartbeat slow, my mind clear, my inhalations ease, and peace flow – in me, around me, and through me. Blessed Guardian of the East, hail.

Elements of Magic (Reclaiming core class) in Pittsburgh, PA

We (Amoret and myself) are gauging interest for the timing of the Elements of Magic class we will be offering through Bone and Briar within the next few months. It will be offered on 6 (mostly) consecutive Fridays. We can start as early as the final week in July or the last week in August. There will be one week off in August for the July start and up to 2 Fridays in the beginning of October which would put a long space between the 5th and final class of the August start class.

Elements of Magic is a class that delves into the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit through visualization, trance, ritual, movement, and spell work. It is a core class of Reclaiming and it serves as a basis on which all Reclaiming rituals are built. Focusing will, deepening vision, and empowering yourself to act in the world are the tools you will learn and these will be useful in all parts of your life. Cost is $60 up front (save $30!) or $15 per class if you pay as you go. We ask that applicants be committed to attending all classes.

If you are interested, please send an email to thewitches@boneandbriar.com and let us know if you have a timing preference.