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Easy way to understand the Black Heart of Innocence by Elfwreck


Piracy & The Black Heart

rainbow fairy

An essay about the Feri Black Heart of Innocence in the guise of a movie review. Formerly published in Witch Eye number, umm, 9 I think or maybe 10. Figured that “Talk Like A Pirate Day” was a fine time to share it with the general public.

Captain Jack Sparrow is the Black Heart of Innocence in action… From his sexy stance on the crow’s nest of a sinking ship to his bemused remembrances of past sins while being fitted for a hangman’s noose, Sparrow never misses an opportunity to flirt, drink or show off.



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“Justice for the World” Working

Sigil: sowilo for the flash of clarity over the bindrune with Godself oil blend on the corners. The bindrune was created by one of my beloveds, Amoret. The cards are The Arrow of Truth, The Priestess of the Silver Star, and The Balance from the Enochian tarot. All other items live on this altar all the time.

This is on Hel’s altar – for fierce bravery, honouring of the living and the dead, and change that feels brutal.

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2015-11-25 12.17.07

2015-11-25 12.17.40

REBLOG – From Rattle, Roar, & Ritual

As we move into the week of Thanksgiving here in the US, Clan of the Wildlings has this to say about recent tragic events and the divisiveness that they have spawned.
To those who fear, there is a place set for you at our table should you choose to join us in peace. To those who hate, there is a place set for you at our table should you choose to join us in love. To those who are alone and hungry, there is a place set for you at our table should you choose to join us in gratitude.
So may it be. Blessed be. Aho!

Instant enemies of friends and other human failings

With so much horror and unrest across our country and globe against every variety of person you’d think a compassionate humanity would unite. After natural disasters people rush to aid their fellow humans. After human caused disasters they clump by likeness and throw verbal and sometimes physical stones.
People now take any dissenting voice as that of the enemy. What The Bloody Hell? For a country that prides itself on higher learning, critical thinking, and critical analysis we sure throw that out of the window the first chance we get. No more debating opinions, only debating the person stating them. This debate stems not on who they actually are, only on their similarity or difference to us or our most dearly held opinions. No more critiquing others’ words or actions from a place of knowledge that humans are complex and varied, that group labels do not mean carbon copies of a singular ideal, presentation, physicality, or philosophy.
“If you’re not with us, you’re against us” has always been a fear wielding battle cry for verbal battles and weapon battles. I remember when it was used to push through the Patriot Act oh those many years ago, and tagged on the back end was folks were “anti-American” if they disagreed. One dimensional, pet-peeve clinging, lockstep thinking was encouraged and praised. And that wasn’t the first time this tactic was used in this country. Not the first time it was used by humans.
It isn’t used only by governments. It is common for the people to use it against each other in their private lives, against family, friends, and neighbours.
We claim we desire diversity in all things – race, ethnicity, gender, religion; we even claim we want it in thought then we crow and stomp, slander and impugn, when we see such diversity in our cherished circles of family, friends, or co-workers.
Differing opinions become swords for ending relationships and fueling anger instead of fodder for discussion, understanding, opening awareness and finding ways to solve issues.
Stress induced pushing conformity by peer pressure. I am appalled.