Mindfulness is bloody hard

This is one of the most difficult concepts for me to not argue against. What do meeeeaaaannnn I’m not my thoughts and feelings?!? Of course I am! Oh wait, thank gods I’m not. With a brain that runs a hundred directions at once, really, thank gods I am not.

My essence, my love that is life force, the whatsit in us that drives and powers all that is, I know are not my thoughts and feelings. It is so much more and so much less than the story in my head. In those sparse and atm rare moments that I remember this, I find peace within.

Easy way to understand the Black Heart of Innocence by Elfwreck


Piracy & The Black Heart

rainbow fairy

An essay about the Feri Black Heart of Innocence in the guise of a movie review. Formerly published in Witch Eye number, umm, 9 I think or maybe 10. Figured that “Talk Like A Pirate Day” was a fine time to share it with the general public.

Captain Jack Sparrow is the Black Heart of Innocence in action… From his sexy stance on the crow’s nest of a sinking ship to his bemused remembrances of past sins while being fitted for a hangman’s noose, Sparrow never misses an opportunity to flirt, drink or show off.