Gratitude Project – a quarter of a century

Sept. 8th – I could write a book! (But I won’t.) Marriage. So often speaking about it leans to the, “It’s hard work!” “Negotiations!” “Compromise!” “Fluctuating equality!”* And yes – all of those are true. Let me stress here, though – it is not all hard work, and negotiating, and compromise. If it were who would stay in it!? Not me, that’s for sure. So yes! All those things! But they are the shorter pieces of the long term partnership. The long languid this-is-why-I’m-here times are really easy. They are the moments, days, and years that just flow ~~~ the babbling brook that runs under the relationship, that swells with rain and rises and sweeps through it at times, but mostly acts a buoy. That ease from beneath is the reason today marks 25 years. Happy Anniversary, Beloved Husband!

*fluctuating equality is how I refer to relationship equality whereas nothing is a static 50/50, but most often a 60/40 and who is the 60 and who is the 40 shifts as needed in the moment.


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