Elements of Magic Worksop, June 13-14

By Art, we deepen our vision, focus our will, and empower ourselves to act in the world. In this class we begin the practice of Magic, Witchcraft, and goddess/god/mysterious ones spirituality by working with the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Techniques include: visualization, sensing and projecting energy, chanting, trance, creating magical space, spellcraft, and structuring rituals. Group experience follows feminist consensus process. This class is the first of the core Reclaiming classes.

PREREQUISITE: Read the first six chapters of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk
WHERE: Pittsburgh area
WHEN: Saturday June 13 and Sunday June 14
COST: $150-$90, sliding scale.

A Bone and Briar Mystery School Offering

Send REGISTRATION information (preferred name, preferred email address) to thewitches@boneandbriar.com
Send PAYMENT through the Donate button here: http://www.blossomingbones.com/

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The Pagan Experience blog project; March wk 5; bonus week!

We are near the completion of our 6 month online course “The Cauldron of Cerridwen” at our online mystery school “Blossoming Bones“.. It was ambitious! It expected a lot of participants! It was grand! It will likely be a stand alone for that length of time. Four months is more doable for everyone as a max we think. And offering shorter, more manageable ones throughout the year, too. But it was fun! And it is a story that renews and thrills with each time I work with it. So Yay!! And yay for its conclusion as we get to move on to the next one. *grin*

Update: Alive but not particularly social, Work, and an Anniversary

Soooooooo many things. Mostly, things are happening spiritually that are very important and some of that involves human tasking to complete Work. Good things with Blossoming Bones Mystery School as the class Amoret and I are facilitating is going well and people appear to be running with the Work in wonderful and interesting ways. We have a team of “student facilitators” assisting with the discussion forum and that is wonderful, too. Amoret and I meet weekly to further the class, adjust to any changes in focus needed based on participant responses, etc.

I’m on the RAT (Ritual Arc Team) for next year’s summer intensive so Skype meetings for that. Spiralheart organizational meetings, via Skype, also. Initiate in-person and Skype meetings. Spiritual counseling. Mentoring get-togethers. Deep Listening group just getting off of the ground. And other not for public talking about Work.

All good things! But tiring. And with my neck and back screaming at meetings I am again readjusting my attention to self-care. Because hey! Still! I haven’t learned that I am not a robot! (Even though I know I am not. Stubborn streak?)

Still going to Tai Chi. In the fall my buddy and I moved to Sun 73 forms. It is pretty! It has kicking! (Sorta. Not huge kicks, but still – kicking!) I’m learning round loom knitting. I’ve made a cowl scarf! And it looks like a gift, not a practice piece. ~glee~ I’m now working on a hat, which is a gift for the hubster. Not a surprise gift, though he never reads my stuff, anyway, trusting I will inform him of Important Things. (He is so kind to think of me in this way even though experience has proven him wrong again and again.)

So with the busy I’ve dropped off of the social networks with occasionally sharing on FB and little original posting even there. Time, self-care, my students both online class and initiates, my marriage partner, my kids, my working partner, my coven members, my Gods demands (!!s) – so many pieces and they all work and I even have time for more stuff if I slack on social networks. And so I do.

Plus winter came early.

Plus today is 8 years that my mum died. It is an anniversary that stings greatly this year. You just never know when it will and when it won’t. I am again so grateful that she and I repaired our relationship in the years before she became ill and died. I am acutely aware that the reason this could occur was not only because I wanted it, but because she was a willing participant in healing it, too. I know this is not so for everyone who wishes such a thing and that always plops an extra helping of sadness on this day. Yet I am okay, in spite of the sadness and the big twinge, because I honour Death that is part our cycle, the same as I honour Life.

Blessings all around.

The Cauldron of Cerridwen, a Bone & Briar Mystery School offering

Bone and Briar Mystery School Presents
The Cauldron of Cerridwen: Power and Transformation

A Myth for the Dark Half of the Year

Cerridwen works for a year and a day to create a potion for her son, who she deems too ugly to be admitted among men of noble birth.

This story is about control. Have you ever sought to mitigate circumstances for someone else? Have you ever tried to step in and shift someone else’s fate?

Gwion Bach is hired to stir the Cauldron of Inspiration for a year and a day, never stopping. On the last day three drops of the potion land on Gwion’s hand, and without thinking, he tastes them, gaining all the benefits of the potion.

This story is about work and reward. Have you ever done work that someone else would benefit from? Have you ever become more powerful from doing work without thinking of reward?

Cerridwen, upon learning that her potion was lost, chased after Gwion. Gwion changed into a variety of animals to outrun Cerridwen, but she also shapeshifted to keep up with him.

This story is about running from power. Have you ever thought you could outrun change? Growth? Yourself? A Goddess?

Bone and Briar Mystery School will be exploring the story of the Cauldron of Cerridwen in a 6 month online class from November 1, 2014 through April 30, 2015 in creating an online community experience that will include:

– monthly packets of story, information, and prompts for magical work

– online discussion with class participants and facilitators

– audio files for trancework

– video discussions with facilitators

You will need:

– access to a computer and internet access

– a journal

– basic art supplies


Amoret BriarRose:  Spiritual Midwife, Itinerant Priestess, a Phoenix Flame and a Siren Song. An initiate of both Reclaiming and Anderson Feri traditions, she has been studying,  working and facilitating in the Reclaiming tradition since 2000, and currently works in partnership with Boneweaver in the Bone and Briar line of Reclaiming/Feri in Pittsburgh, PA.

Amoret’s passions include community building, co-creation and manifestation, ecstatic ritual, divination and the poetry of life. She is experienced in leadership training, small group facilitation, tarot, trance techniques, and ritual arts. Amoret believes that transformation can be blissful if we surrender to the process. It is her privilege and calling to tempt seekers to their transformations.

Boneweaver: Spiritual Midwife, Transition Priestess, Feri Witch working the energy through a Reclaiming framework. Initiated Priestess of the Reclaiming and the Anderson Feri traditions who lives seeking Joy in all its forms with her working partner Amoret BriarRose at Bone and Briar a Reclaiming/Feri line near Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Boneweaver’s passions include bone throwing, mixing essential oils and herbs for intentional purposes, ritual arts, trance, and art. Her gifts in the religious realm center around deep transformative work (often referred to as shadow work) and transitions. Priestess to all beings both Seen and Unseen she approaches transformation with arms wide open and trusts the process to sanely guide the Work and the Work to support her throughout.

Registration: To register, please send an email with the following information to thewitches@boneandbriar.com:
Preferred name:
Email address:
Current location (as this is an online class, just a general idea of where you reside):
Brief outline of pagan/magical experience:

Sliding scale registration fee: $150 – $210

Payments accepted through Paypal

Email for payments: song.of.embers@gmail.com

A non-refundable deposit of 50% will hold your place for this workshop; full payment is due by October 18th.