Long time, no blog

Recently I’ve been purging the heaps of things I’ve acquired over the decades as an uncommon lack of sentimental attachment has engulfed me. It’s a bit unnerving to watch myself unceremoniously pitch items I felt I had to keep just 6 months ago.

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From Tumblr

I have to believe that you’re a monster.
There’s no other way. It’s like in the movies
how they show us why the bad guy became bad?
It’s to keep us from hating him. It’s to make us understand.
I don’t want to understand anymore because when I understand
I love you and I don’t want to love you anymore.

I wish I could see you on the street without wanting to throw up
but I can’t look at you without falling half in love with your eyelashes.
I can’t look at you without wishing you were stretching your hand back for mine.
I have to believe that you’re a monster because if I go back to thinking that you’re just lovely and damaged then I’m done for.

People will whisper about our love for years to come.
How terrifying it was to be in the same room with two people so destined to ruin each other.
How completely we ruined each other.

People will whisper about our love for years to come
and this is what they will remember.
How brave I was.
How I understood and understood until I couldn’t anymore.
How, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t anymore.

Fortesa Latifi – I don’t want to understand because when I understand, I love you (via madgirlf)