Gods help me to be concise – Pagan Experience project; Apr; wk 4

The letter G or H. I chose G for Gods and H for Help.

This post inspired by the level of SJW (Social Justice Work) terminology that appears to be needed in this country.

The institutionalized systems in this country are set up to favour some over others and this is what is meant by having (institutionalized) privilege. The people favoured the most are male, white, hetero, able-bodied folks. Everyone else is not as high up the helping ladder of society as they are. We all can be privileged in one area and not in another. This is called intersectionality. This does not erase the privilege we have. Dismantling these systems so everyone truly starts on a level paying is the ideal. But we’re dealing with humans here, so the second level ideal is mitigating as much as possible the effects of privilege in our everyday lives, from the micro-aggressions to the macro-aggressions. See the handy links below for longer explanations of terms I have used. Use the comments sections to tell me how wrong you think I am without having read the links.

Basic and clear definition of privilege and male privilege

Why an Ally’s job is to Listen

Christian Privilege

White feminism (yep, it’s a thing)



Please refrain from usage of the popular memes around this topic, including, but not limited to: #notallmen #notallwhitepeople #notallcops. For an explanation of why see this public Facebook post.

Whoo Hoo Witchcamp!

REBLOG – this is pretty much how I feel, too. I’ve been to Spiralheart three times and going again this year. I love this camp model.

Amoret BriarRose


It’s getting to be that time of year again, the time when I’m super pumped to go to SpiralHeartWitchcamp.

My first SpiralHeart camp was last year – I had been to one other Reclaiming witchcamp ages ago, and had done a lot of larger group rituals at Diana’s Grove, but I had never been to a “camper led camp” before, and had no idea what to expect. I wondered if it would be like the witchcamp I had been to before, a camp that used a traditional Reclaiming teaching team model. In 95% of the ways it could have been different, it was the same – just as moving, just as magical, just as full of love and trust and challenge. For that other 5%, it was different – more like my experiences at Diana’s Grove.

I love that SpiralHeart supports everyone being involved, testing their skills, trying on new roles…

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Sonnet on the Final Hour



Vinicius de Moraes Saravá,
Gedichte und Lieder,
Serie Piper, 1989

It will be like this, dear friend — one day
we’ll be watching the sunset
when we suddenly feel on our faces
a light kiss of cold air.

You’ll look at me silently
and I’ll do the same,  remembering….
then dazzled with poetry, we’ll pass through
the door open before us, to the darkness.

Crossing the border of the Secret
I will softly say, “Don’t be afraid”
And you will say, “Be strong”.

And like two ancient lovers
mournfully entwined in the night
together we’ll enter the gardens of death.

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Rioting, Oppression, and Compassion

REBLOG: Crystal Blanton is quoted, fears and fake mind constructs challenged, mental gymnastics exposed, truth told.

Pagan Activist

11088338_10155471106475258_2351112835899069216_nWhat would you do if a Pagan was being murdered by the police once a month? What about once a week? What about more frequently than that? What if a bunch of Pagans in some cities started protesting, but nobody else cared? What if a riot broke out? Would you stand there blaming those Pagans for being too violent?

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Respecting Flawed Gods

REBLOG: Yyyyyaaaaassssssss!!!!!! Mirth and [ir]reverence in all things! Yes, the Gods, too.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

Galina Krasskova has a new post addressing the problem of disrespecting the gods with our choices of how to describe Them.

I agree with Galina that calling the gods – or anyone – “petty” and “whiny” is diminishing, and that’s disrespectful. There are much more appropriate ways to describe whatever behavior was being observed that don’t include those kinds of inappropriate judgements. As do many polytheists, I’m sure, I often find myself offended when academic and religious writers write about our gods as if They are merely human characters in old novels, and not even terribly mature characters for that matter.

I understand that many ancient writers effectively used their pantheons of gods as a set of stock characters for storytelling about human issues, and that’s fine as far as it goes, but when modern writers derive their understanding of the historical gods only from those dramas without any consideration…

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Tongs Get Stuck Up Your Lettuce

REBLOG: amusing!

Elan Mudrow


Dinnerware doesn’t do

Breakfast or even lunch

What a stuck up clod.

Salad forks maybe specialists

But, have been known

To stray, to poke a few

Meat and potatoes.

Paper plates are slobs.

Butter knives are dull

However, some are really twisted.

Does china honestly need

Its own cabinet?

I mean come on!

Spoons dip their way

into everything

Then stir things up.

Spatulas are good spankers.

Platters are deep

Into the heavy shit.

Oh sure, crockpots warm up to you

Then turn cold

At the garage sale.

Wine glasses love attention

Always clinking and clanking

Over something or other.

Steak knives are mean

They’re serrated!

Ladles can get saucy.

Pans get fried all the time

And sometimes smoke

In between meals.

Tongs get stuck up your lettuce.



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