“Deep in the back of Persephone’s skull, bone and blood return to the All.” ~me, a chant I wrote in music priestessing class for use in ritual at my first Witchcamp here.


Boneweaver is my magical name bestowed upon me by Others. I am a Feri Witch who works the energy through a Reclaiming framework. I am a Reclaiming initiate and Feri initiate of the Victor Anderson path through the Starhawk line*. My teacher listing on the Reclaiming web site is here. I’ve participated in my local community in a variety of ways for more than a decade including co-leading a CUUPs  group and a Pagan spirituality class. I’ve facilitated PPD rituals, UU Pagan Sunday services, Reclaiming workshops and Witchcamps, and Spirit Fairs. I am a co-founder of Reclaiming Pittsburgh, formed to bring open ecstatic ritual to the Pittsburgh area.

I’ve been part of 3 smaller private working groups (at separate times) for more than a decade, one of which I am still engaged in. I have attended Reclaiming Witchcamps at Spiralheart and Winter Witchcamp. I was a camper at Spiralheart (2012) and Winter Witchcamp (2015), on the Ritual Arc Team (2013, 2015, 2016), and a teacher of a path on healthy community with Amoret BriarRose (2014).

I’ve attended a variety of workshops both near and out-of-state to deepen my Work and fine tune my skills to be of a more useful human to all the beings both seen and unseen. I want to live in Joy thoroughly and deeply in this incarnation and share this with others so they may live it, too, and pass it on – rippling outward.

I throw bones for divination in a semi-traditional way. I blend essential oils and herbs for various purposes. For those I have an Etsy shop. My gifts in the religious realm center around deep transformative work (often referred to as shadow work). I am a transition Priestess and the Beloved Dead have my ear. I value clear communication, community process, smooth ritual energetics, and ecstatic ritual. I am Priestess to all beings both Seen and Unseen. I approach transformation with arms wide open and I trust the process to sanely guide the Work and the Work to support me throughout. I invite Joy to all of the Work.

I offer spiritual midwifery, spiritual counseling, teacher/facilitator services, Spiritwork/seership sessions, bone or oracle card readings, and custom spiritual workings.

*If you have specific questions about my upline feel free to email me.

Services and pricing.

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My “all my things not just religious” blog lives here. My time is also happily creating art in mixed media, pastels,pencils, beads, or whatever material strikes my fancy in the moment.

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  1. “I believe all paths should lead to Joy and I work to keep that as my focus as I practice my craft.”

    I love that statement, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m looking forward to reading your blog!

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