On being surprised when people act as they actually are (tardy Monday blogging)

Well, 2 days late, damnit. Where does the time go? So, Wednesday blogging.

When people are honest about who they are, how they behave, and their actions show consistently this truth, why am I surprised? I should not be. They have been truthful with me. I have seen them in action. I have acknowledged certain truths about them and love them anyway. (Duh. Humans, flawed.) And yet. And yet and yet and yet when their truth has a less than positive impact on me I am all o_O for a bit – surprise!

This is a flaw in me. Do I think I am oh so special I will get better different treatment than the rest of the world? Do I think because this is a person who loves me I’ll escape the less pleasant parts of their personality? Apparently I do think that. Why? Time proves me wrong. I get my feelings hurt. When I examine my hurt, when I sink deeply and Listen I hear the same thing over and again: “This is Who They Are. Why are you surprised?”

Like I said to ye daughter a few weeks ago about a friend’s behaviour, “Stop being surprised.”

It seems I needed to hear it as well as say it.