Gratitude Project – for brilliant tech people

The fan on my laptop has decided that FULL POWER is its only comfortable setting, for no reason. I did utility tasks, disk repairs, cleaning apps, error code Googling and replacement of a newly replaced part based on the error code, hardware tests, compressed air dust removal X 3, climate adjustments, cleared PRAM and the SMC multiple times, and D/L’ed an app to track the internal temps of various bits. Do I have an answer?!?!? Nope. And all the apps that said it would give me control of the fan RPMs were liars.

I scheduled an appointment at the Apple store and the guy ran all their fancy tests and ended up just as frustrated as me because all the tests said “No problem!” He recommended removing the fan for another dose of compressed air. This laptop is too old (mid-2009) and they no longer have parts for repairs. [insert all my unkind thoughts here]

The additional spppprrsssttt ssspppprrrssstttt of air did nothing except help deplete the can. I cannot tell you how much I do not want to buy a new laptop because of a loud continuous fan.

Short story long – I Googled fu’ed for another hour and finally found an app that will allow me to control the fan. Silence at last. Aaaahhhh …..

Thank you developer who created this wondrous app for fun and for free. Blessings on you and yours.

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