The Gratitude Project – wrap up

I faltered and fell off of this for the firsts time since starting. So here’s my quick wrap up:

19th for my grandson who turned eighteen; 20th for family get togethers; 21st thru 31st, in varying order – for the medical people I encountered, for clear test results, for supportive loved ones, for otc meds, for Kratom, for my kids, for the extra oomph retirement has given the hubster, for example my dead mom, for my dead dad, for being able to hear the dead.


For not dying, for really good meals, for the CSA, for clear sunny days, for the relief that clouds bring, for still loving mixing my essential oil blends, for art, for old forums in a new format, for 27 years with the hubster, for my social activist friends, for discovering someone long known was a social activist in his time, for traveling to colead a thing that got canceled, for rides from the bus station, for my drums, for discovering new paths, for the joy of being touched, for compassionate version, for a cat on the mend, for Nuero trauma units, for hospice, for kids with huge hearts, for Dale, and finally – for the hope that big love brings into my heart.
Next year I expect to be back on track.