100,000 times!

Within minutes of arising I got the sensation in my nose of inhaling a bug. It is winter weather come early to Pittsburgh, causing windows to be shut tight and furnaces to run in October. Sure, a summer bug could have survived 2 nights of the freeze, seeking refuge in the warmth, and then been annihilated by a mere sniff. It seems unlikely as I see them dancing their annoyingly unsmackable rhythm in front of my eyes first, as a rule. That YOU-WILL-SNEEZE-NOW tickle is what I got first thing this morning, regardless of why.

And then I sneezed 100,000 times in a row. Yes, I wrote that. You weren’t here, you didn’t count them. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SNEEZES. It was awful. They were so forceful the hubster side-eyed me with fear, thinking I might sneeze up some innards, and nobody wants to clean that up.

I blew my nose 23,000 times. Yes, twenty-three thousand times; yes, I counted. Prove I didn’t. An hour and a half later it was safe to walk more than 5 feet from the Kleenex box. For a minute I wondered if I was getting a cold. Colds start further back IIRC, and I may not recall correctly. Memories of how colds start are not as easy as counting to 100,000.

Regardless, real or not, that gnat is dead.

Ah Sundays – the day where you can so thoroughly contemplate the complex doings of your left nostril and it is okay.

Spiralheart folks – new and long-term!

It’s that time of year again! Time to submit for being on the RAT (Ritual Arc Team) or for co-leading a path at camp in July 2016!

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Our story is Medusa. Our camp intention is: We seek the Monster’s Unflinching Gaze. We are willing to Look, and risk the Seeing. Striving to hold the divine and monstrous both, we turn the gaze outward. We listen deeply, as allies, and work together to dismantle Privilege and Oppression. 

Requirements and applications for being on the RAT or proposing a path:




*bounce bounce bounce*

Looooooooooook out Detroit, the Duo hooks up again! 😀

Tomorrow I’m off to visit my Cousin By Spirit™ in the grand state of Michigan! MontiLee, whom I call Penda, is my friend, a horror author, and a kickass fellow practioner.

For those in the Metro Detroit area you can hear MontiLee read one of her pieces at The Scarab Club tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Fellow authors and members of The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers will be there, too. Be there or Beware!

I and the hubster plan on having a fabulous time for a few days with Penda and her husband Doug, and their 2 cats!

Public Samhain Ritual – Reclaiming Pittsburgh – Sat October 24th, 5-9 p.m.

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Come join us for a potluck dinner and ritual in this time of the thinning veil. Our Beloved Dead are close and come in love with messages for the living. Honour who you are and who you came from in ritual based on the Reclaiming tradition.

All levels of experience are welcome. We are inclusive of all genders, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Please bring a pot luck item to share.

You are welcome to bring a photo or item for your Ancestors to place on the shared altar.

After the potluck we will have a brief overview of Reclaiming and its particular style of ritual. We will discuss Samhain and its place on our ritual calendar. We’ll outline the logisitics of our ritual in “ritual conspiracy”, and then ritual will commence. We will have some time afterward for discussion if desired.

Come! Invite your friends!

Samhain Workshop

There is still time to register for this weekend intensive in Virginia! My partner in Bone & Briar is co-facilitating this with a dear friend.

a m o r e t


This workshop is for those that desire to touch The Heart of Things, to see with an Unflinching Gaze, and to turn both heart and eye toward the Self and the Community. This is a workshop for those who want to serve their community through priestessing, learning to navigate the transition between self and service. This is a workshop for those who want to hone their priestessing skills– to refine their priestessing ‘touch’. This is a workshop for those who want to examine their own souls; who want to look at their lives and see things as they are, and not as they wish them to be. This is for those who want to confront their own rationalizations, and throw off the blindfold that society encourages us to wear. This is for those who seek the truth. Through trance journeying, deep listening, soundscaping, journaling, and other techniques, we will work…

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