Thoughts on Leadership

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a m o r e t

A leader goes first where they want you to go…and at the same time, a leader stands behind you. It is in holding this duality that shit gets done. It is in holding this duality that a leader disappears into the fabric of the moment.

A leader trusts that you will bring your excellence to the table, holds you up while you stretch past your comfort zone, and believes that you will touch the golden core that’s at the heart of you.

“A leader is best When people barely know he exists, When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, They will say: We did it ourselves.” ~Lao-Tzu

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American Gods

This topic has been running around my blogroll – who are the American Gods? This is separate from the NA traditions who have their own rituals and Gods that are specific to them. This is not appropriation or My-Gods-Can-Beat-Up-Your-Gods thing. This is a recognition that the Land has Spirits that are unique to the land, tied to no one people or trad. And Beings that came with our ancestors, hung around, named again or renamed.

Rivers, mountains, valleys, lakes, woodlands and plains. Have you met any? Did They name Themselves? I’d love to hear from you, sharing as much or as little as you are willing or able.