The Invisible Woman

Reblog! How we silence others, even when we believe we’re “doing good”; invisibility of others’ voices and our part in it; a lesson in restraint.

To Be a Better Butch!

It was my thirteenth year when my father realized he did not actually have three sons, but two sons and a daughter. I think he woke up and was like  ” oh shit,  I have a daughter!” And that scared the hell of of him. Not so much because he did not know how to contend with a girl child but because his daughter would one day be an adult woman and he knew what my life could easily look like. From that point on my life lessons became more about independence from men.

My father had an eighth grade education. He was in so many ways a product of the 30’s &  40’s’ but in other ways he was a man beyond his times. He new that as an adult woman I was more likely to be abused or controlled by a man than not. And much like preparing…

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“Some things never change” may be a inescapable mantra

So here’s a thing about me. I don’t particularly care about personal opinions and pet causes (even at times my own) when it comes to trying to figure out how to, and the best course of action to, shift the energy for change.
“Who is your audience? Who holds a lot of power for change?” Those are my first questions. Follow up questions surround how to get those folks on board to help shift things. A fast and easy rule for me is to not alienate those people over an opinion I hold that in the grand scheme means not much at all. I realize this is a “how I think about it” thing and not universal by any means.
In the last 24 hours I’ve been in two completely unrelated discussions that show me how clearly I diverge from other passionate people about this perspective. That’s fine, we all have our own filters that drive our actions. Actions being driven from multiple points of view are part of the same whole of the engine that brings change, this is a good thing. I just hadn’t realized that what feels like a yet-again-scenario, is one more point at which I diverge from many folks.
Frankly, I’m a bit weary of discovering areas where I’m the odd one out. When I find the rare places where my thoughts don’t put me in that place I am relieved and grateful. Hey Universe! I’d like more of those places, please!

And so it was done, my small part in this collective working against Boko Haram

I arose about a half hour prior to the moon going void of course. I had prepped the space the night before. Candles had been dressed with deity oil blends per Their request, and rolled in a helpful herb. Sigils and words handwritten on rice paper, incense blended. I cast, and called, and Throngs showed up. I felt empowered and deeply humbled.

This morning’s work was interesting and powerful. Lots of chatter, lots of Folks and folks. Two of the dressed candles burned quickly down with the burning of the sigil paper, but not the candle dressed with Odin oil blend. That one was slower. After thrice reading the poem, I burnt those papers and the final candle slipped to a puddle in the sand, burning for a few more minutes. I set the loose incense to smoke until the end of the moon’s VOC and then I released it to the wind. I cleaned up the space, and crawled back into bed to warm back up and sleep. For those who read spell remnants, the photo below is the oil print from the wax and the paper’s ashes.

2016-02-13 06.14.51

Poseidon requested a tall fresh taper, dressed in His oil blend, on His altar. Other altars have candles burning and will continue, until they are done.

May cracks become crevices become chasms become broken pieces of what once was a band of heartless zealots. May peace and healing be found in the wake of their demise. And as We will, it shall be so.

I’m just about ready for the Boko Haram working.

I’m mostly prepped for tomorrow morning. I will be working during the moon VOC, so EST that is 5:32 am – 6:35 am. I have my sigil paper drawn (with additional symbols previously noted) and I hand wrote my poem. Both are written on rice paper to feed the work. I dipped my pencil in my oil blends. A candle will be dressed with oils and herbs, then burnt. The poem will be read while the sigil paper is burnt, then the poem paper will be burnt, also. Medusa will be there with her unflinching gaze and today Hel asked to be invited. I will have four large runes laid out on the floor – Hagalaz, Sowilo, Kenaz, and Tiwaz. I will set the space tonight. I will prep myself both tonight and tomorrow.

Sigil/symbol paper

2016-02-12 20.24.53


2016-02-12 15.23.05

Guys! Hey, Guys!!!The Boko Haram Working is mentioned in The Wild Hunt!

You can read the write-up HERE on The Wild Hunt, and full details in my previous blog post about the co-created event I am a part of.

AND, serendipity alert – there was a call put out earlier this month by Chiefs from the Eastern regions of Cameroon!! Details of that are in the Wild Hunt piece, so pop on over and take a read, and please boost our working if you are so called!

!! (insert a wee squee for TWH) !!