I’ve added deity oil blends to my Etsy shop

I didn’t post about The Poseidon/Olokun Under-the-sea blend, nor the Yemaya/Poseidon Over-the-sea blend that went into my shop a couple of weeks ago. Hhhmmmm, I don’t thinkI even posted about the thee-as-deity focused blend, Godself. Odin, Hel, Kuan Yin, and Freya blends are coming soon with more after that.

I really should do one post a week about my shop because I don’t now and how are folks to remember it exists? Anyway, I am so excited to be adding these blends, created here in my home. Meditation and deep listening inform me as to which ingredients go in each. I adore creating oil blends. **squee** 

So, today’s creation had the assistance of Magnolia’s nose because I am easily converting her to loving the blending as much as I do. *grin* The two newest blends:

Star Goddess

2015-05-11 17.30.28


Peacock God

peacock god



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