The Pagan Experience blog project; May wk 2; Time

Wk 2- May 11 – Time – How do you measure time? How do you make use of linear time in sacred space?

I will toss in the all space is sacred space, so what I do is treat Time as sacred, also, and as friend, not enemy.  As I was falling asleep last week I had a thought about “Live today as if it were last!” So I wrote a post. Then I saw it fit the prompt about time. So I saved it for today.

The saying is to live each day as if it were your last, but I disagree. I say live each day as if yesterday had been your last.

If today is your last day you try to fit in All The Things™ that a last day would want. Sure, the saying is meant to help you not live with regrets, and add a sense of urgency to what you deem important so that you will do the things, but it invites a “what if I miss out!?!” aspect that I find mood dampening and ultimately counter-productive to living in the moment. Instead I end up looking at a list of got-to-do’s.

What if yesterday was your last day?

If that were true then today the pressure is off.  There is nothing left to do. No new loves to find, no new jobs to hunt down, no new skills to perfect. Sound awful? I don’t think so. I see it as opportunity for joy in what is.

Love the person standing in front of you as if they are your soul mate.

Sing, dance, paint, and run as if there is no room for improvement.

Work with the abandon as if the job you are doing right this minute is your calling.

View your friends as if they are your final allies.


Aahhhhh …. this, this day after my last day – this is freedom.

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