The Great God Pan in the Bone Yard of Trees

REBLOG – I swoon with Great Love at this post.


We arrived at our second favorite beach on the Olympic coast on Thursday afternoon around four o’clock.  It was a glorious day, sunny and clear and not too warm…as a few cooling evening clouds began to wisp in just in time to make the sunset a glory.  We started to walk to the pathway down to the beach, and then realized we had only four hours till sunset.  Clearly not enough time to enjoy Kalaloch Beach adequately and still get to Ruby Beach before sunset.  Also, the tide was clearly in, and I feared I could not get to my favorite seastack at Ruby if it was surrounded with incoming waves.  The tide would not be out till late in the night.  We turned on our heels and went back to the Lodge to inquire about vacancies in the cabins.  We got one at half the normal price! We went…

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