A Prayer for Descendants

On another platform we were discussing the dearth of prayers for descendants compared to the wealth of those for ancestors. To combat the lack I wrote one.

A Prayer for Descendants

My name is not a whisper in your ancestors’ ears,
so long gone,
a gossamer memory tattered by millenia.

And yet,
and yet…

When breezes lie soft on cheeks and hair,
and rains gentle across your lands;
when baby rabbits play tag nearby,
and hope lines the pockets in your soul;
when drink on tongue quenches deep thirst,
and laughter percolates crevices in
your home,

know this, dear one,

It was me,
kissing love into the stars,
to sift thru dark skies,
and weave into dreams
to bespatter your days.

~Boneweaver ©️2022

Mindfulness is bloody hard

This is one of the most difficult concepts for me to not argue against. What do meeeeaaaannnn I’m not my thoughts and feelings?!? Of course I am! Oh wait, thank gods I’m not. With a brain that runs a hundred directions at once, really, thank gods I am not.

My essence, my love that is life force, the whatsit in us that drives and powers all that is, I know are not my thoughts and feelings. It is so much more and so much less than the story in my head. In those sparse and atm rare moments that I remember this, I find peace within.

The Pagan Experience blog project – week 1 – intentions for 2015

I am joining (a bit late) and we’ll see how it goes, yes? A prompt is offered for the beginning of each week and you write a post about the prompt. My first couple of posts will be decidedly short as I catch up, and the subjects don’t really need a lot of words, even for me.

WK 1- Jan. 5- Resolutions– What are your intentions for this new year? How will you find the resolve to bring them into your manifest life?

My intentions are to remain as present and conscious as possible to what I am filling my time and therefore myself with. I want to devote the extra time I have to things that make me lighter instead of heavier. Things that will bring Joy and not feel like a burden. I will have a morning practice that I do after coffee, but before the internet time suck happens. I will make sure of this by setting a timer that will remind me. That practice may change shape over time and more might be added, but the first one must be something that lightens my spirit.

Busy, busy, busy

Time has been so fluid and slippery I’ve quite lost track of a lot of it. My days feel very full but scattered, as work winds down and I am puzzling out a structure for my weeks that is not bookended by workdays. I so easily slide to inertia when time is abundant and I’d like to avoid that.

I opened my Etsy shop with my oil blends and herb blends. Having it makes me happy. 😀 If there comes a time when it no longer makes me so I will close it. From here forward I will only pursue things that move me closer to Joy. My WIP art piece “At the Beach” is coming along, but I’ll be using all the time up until Yule to finish it.

I have a this site up now so Bone & Briar has a 3-pronged approach on the web.There is not much there as of yet, but it is one of things I’ll be building starting in the new calendar year. Amoret’s site is much fuller than mine..

In development, public spiritual arena: A) a self-directed spiritual study web packet that will have audio, text assignments and practices, and the like for people on a Pagan/Witch path. It will not be trad specific, but useful. Those are my thoughts at the moment anyway. Affordable, too. B) Setting up an email bone throw option for readings for folks. C) the spring workshop that Bone & Briar holds.

Private spiritual arena: A) art work B) rune study group C) tweaking personal practices D) catching up on Feri podcast listening E) stack’o’books F) blue streaks in hair?

Family Yule celebration is the 23rd, baking to start soon. I’m planning an easy meat-cook-thyself meal and COOKIES!!! for dessert. Lights are on the Norfolk pine (3′ houseplant) tree and around some windows and across the mantel. I’m in front of a fire with the dog snuggled at my feet and life is sweet and good. Blessings.