Gratitude Project – holy smokes catch up!!

It has been a failed effort keeping up thus far this year. I have noted things to be thankful for each day in my head, but not on pixels and paper. Now it is a struggle to remember which day was what, but here is my best effort.


9: For a coven that understands that magic breathes and thrives in the everyday tasks.

10: For folks brave enough to ask for what they need, even if they don’t get it.

11: For vibrant young people who welcome me into their lives.

12: For beloveds who let me bounce my weirdest thoughts off of them.

13: For meeting a new person! For a mushroom house! 2016-08-15 11.34.51

14: For the soft laughter of understanding that bubbles up between me my husband.

15 – today: For the option of sitting or doing, no pressure in either direction.

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