“Some things never change” may be a inescapable mantra

So here’s a thing about me. I don’t particularly care about personal opinions and pet causes (even at times my own) when it comes to trying to figure out how to, and the best course of action to, shift the energy for change.
“Who is your audience? Who holds a lot of power for change?” Those are my first questions. Follow up questions surround how to get those folks on board to help shift things. A fast and easy rule for me is to not alienate those people over an opinion I hold that in the grand scheme means not much at all. I realize this is a “how I think about it” thing and not universal by any means.
In the last 24 hours I’ve been in two completely unrelated discussions that show me how clearly I diverge from other passionate people about this perspective. That’s fine, we all have our own filters that drive our actions. Actions being driven from multiple points of view are part of the same whole of the engine that brings change, this is a good thing. I just hadn’t realized that what feels like a yet-again-scenario, is one more point at which I diverge from many folks.
Frankly, I’m a bit weary of discovering areas where I’m the odd one out. When I find the rare places where my thoughts don’t put me in that place I am relieved and grateful. Hey Universe! I’d like more of those places, please!

3 thoughts on ““Some things never change” may be a inescapable mantra

    1. That ought to scare you!

      It really isn’t about making sense, though. I don’t think others aren’t making sense and I believe vice versa. It is about how we structure our fight against [fill in topic]. It really hit home for me this morning when the 2nd time in < 24 hours it happened. I do think a big piece of it is what I call my "marketing brain". "What's the best way to sell this item" has a counterpart in "what's the best way to sell this idea" and I approach from what I believe is the best way to sell it, create buy in, like that.

      Anyway – let's be weird together! Yes!

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      1. I think that marketing brain is a valuable thing to have in conjunction with large workings. If you want to get large numbers of people on board, then you need to be able to make them feel that the cause is something that is vital for them to be a part of. If nothing else, it is important in fighting against activist apathy. Too many “click here to save the rainforests” campaigns have dulled people’s desire to get up and do something.

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