Brigid (silent) Poetry Slam, year 11

Brigid of Endless Waters

Kneeling at Her well
With unflinching eyes
I see reflection of my sharpened parts.

I wish for rounded edges
to my tongue,
a softening of the word-blows
I know myself
to land on others’ ears.
I seek healing of long held,
long protected lesions.

I note the slivered pieces,
guarded by thorny bits
wrapped ‘round wounded spaces.
Some thorns point inward,
the wounding freshened by me.

I dip my cup and drink,
dip and drink.
Water smoothing
and quenching,
still feeding the thorns,
more growth.

I dip and drink one long drink,
allowing the water
to sate and soothe,
to polish and nurture all,
even the rough thirsty places.

I dip my cup and carry some home.

~Pamela V Jones Feb 2016


This is my 7th year contributing to the Silent Poetry Festival  which has been going on since2006, and has become a wonderful, international event, with people posting poems in honor of Brigid on their blogs, Facebook, Twitters, Tumblrs, and other such devices.

Details here.

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