Oh, home, how we adore you! Home is where the heart is. Home is where the magic lives. Home is up there on the astral, with the Descendants, and all the beings. Home is down there deep beneath the surface, with the Ancestors and the Gods, and all the beings. Home. Home is Here, Now. Be Here Now.

Join me in the magic, release, ecstasy, and transformation that is my spiritual path in the Reclaiming branch of the Feri tradition.

Trained in the California-style Reclaiming Feri tradition, I offer: spiritual midwifery/consultations, spiritual counseling, custom magical workings, teaching/facilitating small groups and workshops, bone throwing or oracle card readings pricing available here. Skills include trance, ritual energetics, Spiritwork, and tending the transition between life and death. Please use contact form to request services.

Don’t need a service, but would like to contribute to keeping the Work alive?

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