Everyone’s a critic: The rise of the TV hate-watch

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Motown Filly

It’s Wednesday night, 10:00 p.m. In her suburban Detroit living room, MontiLee Stormer is sitting down in front of the TV, her husband at her side and her laptop logged into Facebook. In Bethel, PA, Pamela V. Jones is doing the same. They are both tuned in to CBS’s CSI: Cyber – but not because they enjoy the show.

Quite the contrary.

As the show begins with the narrated backstory that introduces every episode, Jones starts a thread on her Facebook page.

“LOL ‘It can happen to you,’” she writes, echoing the fear-mongering last line of the show’s intro, which is delivered in a whisper by actress Patricia Arquette.

“They really gotta change that opening,” writes Stormer’s husband.

“Why? It sucks like the rest of the show,” replies Jones.

Thus begins the hate-watch.

Every week, thousands of people tune in to watch television programs they genuinely despise, purely to…

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