Gratitude Project – lazy, sunny, watery days with the hubster

Beautiful weather, laughter and sweet conversation, not a lot of people, and good food made a day trip to Lake Erie exquisite. Hurrah for impromptu leavings. These types of days, creating these style of memories, are necessary and lovely ways to renew the mortar in the foundation of a relationship. When we reminisce in our dotage this will be one remembrance that brings soft laughter to our lips and smiles to our eyes. I am grateful for this.

2015-08-05 14.14.24 2015-08-05 14.16.27 2015-08-05 15.10.45 2015-08-05 15.34.28 2015-08-05 15.39.47 2015-08-05 18.17.54 2015-08-05 18.18.00

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