A prayer for those being oppressed in Ferguson, Missouri

Rebalancing Acts

Hail Loki, Scarlipped God and Revealer of Harsh Truths,
I ask You to intervene in the media coverage of Ferguson, Missouri.
May those who misrepresent events in order to maintain cruel, unjust dominance be silenced.
May their lies be shown for what they are.
May all those speaking truths, especially the “unpleasant” truths that the oppressors most want silenced, be heard and known to be speaking the truth, and
May those truths lead to a better world.

Hail Loki, Father, Mother, Hero of the Lokka Tattur.
I ask You to intervene in Ferguson, Missouri, to protect the children there.
May those would would make them outcasts, who would bind them, harm them, kill them, be blocked and defeated.
May the children escape unscathed from all malevolent giants who would pursue them,
May their families remain intact, and may those who have already suffered terrible losses find support in their grief.

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