Gratitude project, day 3, migraine help

I awoke with a migraine and this time I know how I prompted it. While at camp one of the women there is an Osteopath and she generously donated her services to all who were twisted and creaking. I have a knot of thoracic discs that bunch up using the muscle like super glue to hold them together and cause severe pain. <—– except for the pain level my description is my own and probably inaccurate as hell. I get stomach + back pain and was always blaming my stomach. Oh no ….. seems the back was tweaking the stomach via nerve pressure. Anyway, she did some magical sit-up/fall back maneuver that broke apart the knot.(And really a big shout-out to Julie for her generosity of her gift at camp. I think I can work on keeping that part of my back unbunched and have a better daily life quality.) Since the release I’ve not had a tight pulling pain behind my right knee or persistent twinges in the back of my right hip. All connected. Since home from camp I’ve been trying to keep that knot in my back undone. One way is at night to put a neck roll pillow under my mid back while on my right side. Instant relief. unless you accidentally fall asleep that way. So, back didn’t hurt, but the slipped discs in my neck took offense and clamped down. Enter migraine. Also enter what not to do while falling asleep. :p

It didn’t start too horribly, but it was advancing and so I took a tincture made by beloved Sarah at Herbs from the Labyrinth named “Headache Away”. My migraine has not progressed to full tilt DIEDIEDIE as I like to classify them. So there is my gratitude for today, for Sarah and her tincture!

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