Spiralheart Summer Intensive registration is ~*OPEN*~

You can view the event page. Camp is July 15-20, 2014 at 4QF (four quarters farm).

You can register.

You can read about the path offerings.

Here is the listing for the path I and Amoret are facilitating this year:

“The story of Quan Yin inspires the brave soul to move toward compassion, forgiveness, and healing – but what is the path toward a true and whole expression of these concepts in a community?

Diana’s Grove’s Cornerstones of Community offers a framework for individuals working in community that are interested in supporting and sustaining community health.Our path will discuss and do focused work with each of the five Cornerstones (Choice, Thinking Well of Others/the Group, Thinking Well of Self, Stewardship of Self, The Sacred Wound) and the insights gained will be brought to evening ritual at camp along with our other interactions throughout the week. The tools and knowledge gained during Path will enrich our Spiralheart community and can be carried back to our home communities.  We will utilize trance, short journaling, discussion, deep listening, and self discovery through word, tone, and/or movement. Though we will be leading the path as facilitators, we will be fully submerged in the work with path participants. We will be asking path participants to embody/model the energy of the specific Cornerstone of the day into the evening’s ritual as an offering to the community as a whole.:

Join us! You’ll be so glad you did!

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