Time is whizzing by – Busy as a Bee

So many things to do! ALL THE THINGS! And they are wonderful things, but a bit of a stumbling block this week with unexpected other things. BUT! I started a class through Coursera which is a web site where you can take classes from universities all over the world. For free. SO I am taking Modern European Mysticism and Psychological Thought from the University of Israel. Geez I love the Internet!

Planning is continuing for Bone and Briar’s spring intensive weekend titled “The Iron Pentacle & Secrets”. At least that is the working title, it may change. It is slotted for March 21-23 in a private residence near Pittsburgh. The Baltimore peeps are driving up again for the intensive. W00t! Plus others old and new will be there. *so excited* I do so love this stuff.

B&B will be attending an intensive in Illinois where I get to meet Amoret’s people from her early training days and have a great weekend. We will bring our skills/learning from this back home and utilize them in our community. The intensive is:

Don’t Look Back: Orpheus & Eurydice
Date(s) – 03/28/2014 – 03/30/2014
Toddhall Retreat Center, Columbia IL
Registration is now open!
Walking in the dark. Feels like you’ve been walking forever. Everything you know, and love, is behind you. Ahead you see sunlight. New beginnings. A form unknown. Just don’t look back, and everything will be alright. Just don’t look back…
Orpheus looked back, and lost everything. Or did he?
Eurydice was left behind. Lost forever. Or was she?
The rest of the story and registration details here.

We (Amoret and I of Bone and Briar) are facilitating a path at this summer’s intensive hosted by Spiralheart in July (7/14-7/20). this path is titled “Cornerstones of Community” and it is based on Diana’s Grove’s work of that same name. We did indeed prior to submitting our proposal seek and receive permission to use their work.

I’m doing the art journal every week with a prompt. I have my page set in my head, but not on paper yet. I haven’t started my ATCs yet, but I do have until Feb 28th to mail. I am trying not to procrastinate too much on that. I am enjoying every day regardless of how it actually unfolds. Enjoying Every. Damn. Day. 😀

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