The Pagan Experience (blog project); April; wk 1; water

WK 1- Apr. 6 – Water – We are beings of water, but do we really honor it as element, physiologic need and the beginnings of our lives as humans? How do you honor water? How will you ensure its ebb and flow?

Well, those of us called to water in all its forms – as the sea, as the rain, as the tears we seek to dry, as the blood that pulses within us, minute by minute, day after day, for years on end – I’d say yes, we do honour it. But I can speak only for me.

I honour it in praise, whether watching it ripple and wave, rush and pool, or fall and puddle. I drink it in, relishing in the cool crispness of it. I pee it out, returning it to the earth (eventually). I admire its life-sustaining capabilities for microbes to whales. For humans of all sizes. For plants, animals, and insects. Even the cacti, though they have sparse needs, still need water to exist.

I travel it at Samhain, spirit feet gliding across the dark waters to visit the land of my beloved dead. I curse it in the form of snow and ice in the dead of winter, and bless it when it melts.

I speak to the deities of water – whispers of love, shouts of joy, chuckles of deep admiration, rituals of ecstasy. Water is for me the element that moves, lives, and breathes with me to most. Hail Water!



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