SCOTUS Marriage Ruling – everyone should read this description

Because I said so? Because it is coherent? Because Elfwreck is amazing? Pick one!

About that SCOTUS ruling

I downloaded the ruling and the transcripts of the oral arguments from April, and read some of the SCOTUSblog coverage of Obergefell v. Hodges. I’m glad I didn’t read the oral arguments earlier; I’d’ve convinced myself we were sunk.

I can’t believe how fucking IGNORANT lawyers are about marriage laws in this country. Lawyers in general, sure, but lawyers arguing before the Supreme Court about the definition of marriage and what it means to people and how states should and must react to it…

I’d expect them to know that there are several states, right now, where 12-year-olds can get married. (They require parental and sometimes judicial consent, and some only allow it in special circumstances–which generally means a pregnancy.) I’d expect them to know that marriage has not “always been” one man-one woman, even here. (Admittedly, UT giving up polygyny was a requirement for statehood. But a US territory that allowed multi-person marriages after the practice of slavery ended means that the idea shouldn’t be

treated as a completely alien concept.) I’d expect them to know which states allow cousin marriages and which don’t, and some of the history of the tensions surrounding those relationships.


JUSTICE SCALIA: So there there’s nothing in the Constitution that requires a State to acknowledge even those marriages in other States that that are the same.
MR. WHALEN: That’s essentially correct, Your Honor.

When Scalia is questioning your arguments against same-sex marriage, you know you’re on shaky ground. Scalia’s really, really not happy with the final ruling… but he sure as hell wasn’t supportive of Whalen’s attempts to explain his side.

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Gods help me to be concise – Pagan Experience project; Apr; wk 4

The letter G or H. I chose G for Gods and H for Help.

This post inspired by the level of SJW (Social Justice Work) terminology that appears to be needed in this country.

The institutionalized systems in this country are set up to favour some over others and this is what is meant by having (institutionalized) privilege. The people favoured the most are male, white, hetero, able-bodied folks. Everyone else is not as high up the helping ladder of society as they are. We all can be privileged in one area and not in another. This is called intersectionality. This does not erase the privilege we have. Dismantling these systems so everyone truly starts on a level paying is the ideal. But we’re dealing with humans here, so the second level ideal is mitigating as much as possible the effects of privilege in our everyday lives, from the micro-aggressions to the macro-aggressions. See the handy links below for longer explanations of terms I have used. Use the comments sections to tell me how wrong you think I am without having read the links.

Basic and clear definition of privilege and male privilege

Why an Ally’s job is to Listen

Christian Privilege

White feminism (yep, it’s a thing)



Please refrain from usage of the popular memes around this topic, including, but not limited to: #notallmen #notallwhitepeople #notallcops. For an explanation of why see this public Facebook post.

Invisible Illness and the Apple Cider Vinegar Brigade

I was going to transcribe the audio file even knowing how horrid my typing skills are. But I’m not. I recorded this in the car on my way to Tai Chi and I am posting it here, unedited, with stumbling over words and verbal corrections intact. Road, car, and traffic noises are my background music! You may need to increase the volume. It is a YouTube link, but no pretty pictures, just audio. The blog post I reference is the post previous to this one.

The Pagan Experience, Feb. wk 3, work smart, don’t work everywhere

Wk 3- Feb. 16- Deity and the Divine This will be the third week’s topic every month and an opportunity for you to share with everyone those who guide, inspire and inform you.

Some sort of shenanigans happened on my blog (I’m looking at you, Loki of the missing socks) when a draft managed to published itself with only the description of the prompt and the word “Hel”. I find this hilarious. But here’s my late post anyway.

I’m pretty tapped out ATM with SJ conversations that feel like they have never moved beyond the 101 level in spiritual spaces where I hold a high expectation of awareness + openness + growth. But, I am in the trad that I am for a reason. That said, while I understand how this can be a call to arms for some, for me it’s like someone nicked my jugular and I’m not gonna bleed out to create a fountain for the racists to quench their thirst.

This sentiment is prompted by incidents at this year’s Pantheacon, but P-Con is far from the only offender. (Oh if it were!) My Gods however like to take long term views of the humans and their flaws. And They’re pretty brilliant at that. Along with all the other directives and instructions and “Hey, why don’t you do this now!!”s there has always been an emphasis on work hard, but work smart. This has come in messages since I was a kid and the onus has been on me to work diligently in my corner of the world because the “It’s not fair!!” that rises in me at global injustice overwhelms to paralysis. This if course does not mean I get to stick my head in the sand, or ignore injustices elsewhere, but when it comes to parsing my energy and finances, do the most good often translates to places that don’t me a couple of grand to get to. (If I ever get to a place of financial security where a couple grand every month is doable – go me! – I’ll reassess.)

And right now I’m bone tired of my spiritual community having not progressed farther in the fight against privileges and abuse issues than society at large. Really? FuckThatShit. (“Really”, whisper the Gods.) They remain steadfast in their insistence that “work hard, but work smart, go where you’ll do the most good” is an oath I should continue to hold. They all deeply value self care, too. Hel, Poseidon, Yemaya, Kuan Yin, Papa Legba, and Cerridwen -so say all. So I shall.

REBLOG – Oppression doesn’t go both ways

Oppression Doesn’t Go Both Ways


By Phoenix Calida

The problem with reverse -isms (racism, sexism, etc) is that they imply everyone is starting from an equal place. Of course, members of marginalized groups can be bigoted or prejudiced. But marginalized groups don’t have the same structural ability to behave oppressively. 

Saying “racism goes both ways” or “women can be sexist too” etc. etc. actively ignores existing power dynamics. It also leads to victim blaming because structural oppression should be able to be overcome *if* the victims are actually societal equals to the person being an asshole. 

If racism was truly a mutual 2 way thing, there would be equal incidents of oppression. The consequences of bigotry would go both ways.

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“Why can’t you be nice???”, or, why I get angry on the Internet

1) It’s my job.

2) It’s my Job.

3) People respond to it, not to my “let us pray for peace” posts.

I am a transition Priestess. I walk the Edges and I do it well. I move people and spirits from life to death, from here to there, from comfortable to uncomfortable, from complacent to transformed. It’s my job. If folks paid attention to nice, I’d do that, but on the Internet folks pay attention to RAWR! Especially on Facebook.

People engage when they see the !!!!!!s on my Facebook posts. Some engage in support, others engage to tell me I’m full of crap, or they are apologists, or they are simply saying, “But I….” Frankly, I don’t care from which direction you engage – you are engaging and that brings awareness, that promotes discussion. I tend to discuss the undiscussable (yes, not a word, I know). I discuss social injustice in a myriad of forms – racism, sexism, ableism, hetero-normative privilege, classism, etc-ism. I discuss sexual abuse. I loudly discuss these things.

I know most people who post to the OMGs!!! posts already agree with me. I also know from a decade on Delphi and other Beehive styled forums that posting only for those who reply is folly. Posting in controversial threads is for the lurkers. They are the ones who read, go off and think on all the sides they see voiced, and make up their minds.

Will I ever know who I influence? Nope. Do I care? Nope. Because my Job is to speak, to do, to be. What happens after that is somebody else’s Job. On the Internet I use a lot of RAWR!! Off of the Internet I use a lot candles, prayers, meditation, and energy work – sending for peace, praying for justice, lighting for Love.

I honour my Gods on and off the Internet. Some of Them are all about compassion. Not all of Them are about peaceful compassion. One of Them is about compassion that looks like a huge wave that flattens and takes the population of Crete. That is “Let’s start over” compassion. Another is about taking the spoils, the Dead, all of them – and placing them at the same banquet table. “Here,” She says, “dine across from your enemy. Forever.” One winks with His sole good eye twinkling at you, and chuckles at your flailing, compassionately. One bursts endless beauty and creation by gazing at Her reflection. And One dances at the crossroads, opens the way, and spins stories out of the ether, asking that they be repeated.

Why this post? Because people see RAWR!! and think that is Who I Am – sullen, angry, hunting for reasons to yell – and that is okay for them to think so. After all, what other people think of me is none of my business. But those same folks who don’t respond to my SJ posts because they no longer “do angry” also do not respond to my love and peace posts. Hhhmmmmm.

I get around 100 likes, comments, and shares off of two RAWR!! posts and <10 from two love and peace posts. Seriously. I’ve tested the theory. Quote an angry blogger, people respond. Posts photos from the Ferguson protest I went to, not a word. Cry horror at white privilege in Texas, people reply. Show Tibetan monks standing for social justice and get one two likes, no replies. (It may get more after this filters down to FB.)

So, I am going to stay angry on the Internet. And I’m going to keep my practices here at home. Both are my Job. You are mainly going to see only one of them online, though, because only one of them moves people best that I can tell. And moving people – here to there and Here to There – is my Job.

Your Ferguson links roundup: The slaying of Michael Brown and continuing protests

Michael Brown slaying and updates  from 08/09/2014 – 08/10/2014


Ferguson police use tear gas on protesters, arrest at least 2 reporters:



In Ferguson, the blurred line between law enforcement and combat:

US attorney launches civil rights investigation into Michael Brown case


Chief: More Than 40 Arrested in Ferguson, Missouri Unrest:


Ferguson, MO No-Fly Zone:


Even before Michael Brown’s slaying in Ferguson, racial questions hung over police:


Live updates, live stream 2/3 way down page


Defense against tear gas for Ferguson Mo #OpFerguson 




St Louis County Police Scanner:





 Ferguson police chief’s wife gets screencapped from Facebook post<a></a> May be bogus. I’ve been unable to confirm veracity. UPDATE: It is bogus.


#ferguson livestream 

UPDATE 08/14/14: NBC, 36 stories and counting on Michael Brown (I have no idea which way the bias goes in these stories, it is just an easy link to check) 

Bail and Legal Fund for Those Arrested During Ferguson Anti-Police Demonstrations: