Your Ferguson links roundup: The slaying of Michael Brown and continuing protests

Michael Brown slaying and updates  from 08/09/2014 – 08/10/2014


Ferguson police use tear gas on protesters, arrest at least 2 reporters:



In Ferguson, the blurred line between law enforcement and combat:

US attorney launches civil rights investigation into Michael Brown case


Chief: More Than 40 Arrested in Ferguson, Missouri Unrest:


Ferguson, MO No-Fly Zone:


Even before Michael Brown’s slaying in Ferguson, racial questions hung over police:


Live updates, live stream 2/3 way down page


Defense against tear gas for Ferguson Mo #OpFerguson 




St Louis County Police Scanner:





 Ferguson police chief’s wife gets screencapped from Facebook post<a></a> May be bogus. I’ve been unable to confirm veracity. UPDATE: It is bogus.


#ferguson livestream 

UPDATE 08/14/14: NBC, 36 stories and counting on Michael Brown (I have no idea which way the bias goes in these stories, it is just an easy link to check) 

Bail and Legal Fund for Those Arrested During Ferguson Anti-Police Demonstrations:

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