Spiritual and Priestess Services

Prices of services vary.

Teaching/facilitating: varies by event, please contact me.

Custom spiritual workings: varies, please contact me.

Spiritual midwifery: billed at $50-$80/hour; via phone, Skype, or in my home in a south suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Sample of midwifery options:

  • spiritual counseling
  • Priestessing transitions: births, deaths, marriages, divorces
  •  trance work
  • healing sacred wounds
  • personal practice creation
  • Touching Mystery, the Divine within and without, fully and in Joy
  • building a personal practice
  • strengthening intuition
  • Spiritwork/seership sessions
  • the art of crafting ritual
  • [your needs here]

Please contact me to initiate partaking of any of these offerings.

Bone or oracle card readings: billed at $30 for the average 30 minute reading; longer readings billed at $1 per additional minute, in my home or via email. Please visit my Etsy shop to book a reading.

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