Gratitude Project – exterminators

I get that we humans plant ourselves and housing in the middle of nature and sometimes nature invades our land and house in dangerous ways. Many bugs are allowed to live amongst us, but some Got To Go.

So, 3 weeks ago the yellow jackets were sprayed. A couple of weeks before ants invaded our home. Bait traps had mediocre success. I denied they were carpenter ants until the winged one arrived. *Google fu* Aiiyeeee, those suckers have distinctive anatomy.

Bug guy came back. Ant carcasses strew the floor. We’re supposed to leave them until they pile up, likely tomorrow. So over bugs this summer. Grateful for workers who rid them.

Gratitude Project – holy smokes catch up!!

It has been a failed effort keeping up thus far this year. I have noted things to be thankful for each day in my head, but not on pixels and paper. Now it is a struggle to remember which day was what, but here is my best effort.


9: For a coven that understands that magic breathes and thrives in the everyday tasks.

10: For folks brave enough to ask for what they need, even if they don’t get it.

11: For vibrant young people who welcome me into their lives.

12: For beloveds who let me bounce my weirdest thoughts off of them.

13: For meeting a new person! For a mushroom house! 2016-08-15 11.34.51

14: For the soft laughter of understanding that bubbles up between me my husband.

15 – today: For the option of sitting or doing, no pressure in either direction.

Gratitude Project – care of self and community

It’s been an emotionally raw week from a number of angles, leading to today. My mum would have been 85 today, had she not died almost 10 years ago. Some years it hits harder than others and this is one of those years. I am spent and tender. I was supposed to go to ritual tonight, but I opted out, knowing I wouldn’t be good for myself or others if I went. I’m grateful to have learned that sometimes self care is also care of community.

Gratitude Project catch up – 4,5,6

Aug 4th – I was grateful for Zoom’ing with a beloved and brainstorming to solve all the problems everywhere! Hahahaha

Aug 5th – For loving straight talk, and trust that what we’ve built into our friendship will withstand the hard things and be stronger for it.

Aug 6th – For the spirit of hope that the athletes bring to the Olympic games. Gods those young people’s souls shine through all parts of them.

The Gratitude Project, the 13th year

Ground rules: The gratitude project is one post per day about something for which you are truly grateful and it runs from Lammas to Mabon. It can be a big or little gratitude, but no repeats – you can be grateful for your spouse/kids/job/friends, but the reason for the gratitude needs to be different for each entry. This project was started by [personal profile] estaratshirai .  I have been doing it since 2004.

Today I am grateful for modern medicine and the intervention of it in each of my family members lives,  as otherwise we’d all be dead already.