Already In Place


Elan Mudrow

f866c959807b5a3320ca5143cff2ead5 Hands of Helen Freeman

I start to rub my hands together

Creating heat and my fingers

Wiggle into life as they

Grasp tools already in place.

For there is no beginning

To my bones….

They stretch on through time

An endless inner structure

To all my creativity

Standing me up to tasks.

For I am beyond bipedal

‘Cause I’m bipedalling my ass off

Giving myself a swift paddle

In the behind.. in the bowl of life,

While its slippery noodle soup

Wraps its sticky pasta

Around my weak-ass heart.

I pinch a fork between my finger bones

And scoop life up, hot baby, real hot

Life is a real burner.

For I learned a long while back

That life doesn’t simmer

It bakes and boils, fries shit up, then

Hides in the fridge, behind the beer

Until it surprises you with leftovers

You see, that’s not a worry, ‘cause baby,

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