And Freyja said …..

Spiralheart has again come to a close. I have returned with a wrung out body, a mind teeming with plans, and a soul full of sovereignty.

Before camp Freyja said:

“I cause strife.”

“Be My witness to reality.”

“Care for your kin.”

“Hold your boundaries.”

During camp She said:

“Allow imperfections.”

I have been struggling deeply in the last year with allowing the full impact of Who I Am to go where it must, untethered. Knowing I would estrange some of my beloveds, at times temporarily and other times permanently, filled me with bouts of grief and quaking fear that caused me to cling to those final strings of attachment.

Tasked by Freyja, I let go and stepped fully into myself this week.

Loving all of me is infinitely more difficult and unimaginably easier than I knew.

I hold that paradox in gratitude.

Hail the Other.

Hail Love.

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