Tongs Get Stuck Up Your Lettuce

REBLOG: amusing!

Elan Mudrow


Dinnerware doesn’t do

Breakfast or even lunch

What a stuck up clod.

Salad forks maybe specialists

But, have been known

To stray, to poke a few

Meat and potatoes.

Paper plates are slobs.

Butter knives are dull

However, some are really twisted.

Does china honestly need

Its own cabinet?

I mean come on!

Spoons dip their way

into everything

Then stir things up.

Spatulas are good spankers.

Platters are deep

Into the heavy shit.

Oh sure, crockpots warm up to you

Then turn cold

At the garage sale.

Wine glasses love attention

Always clinking and clanking

Over something or other.

Steak knives are mean

They’re serrated!

Ladles can get saucy.

Pans get fried all the time

And sometimes smoke

In between meals.

Tongs get stuck up your lettuce.



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