Orange candles – my Work

I need to order more. When I went to my supply to set lights for a friend’s dying grandmother I discovered only one orange candle left. I didn’t remember getting low. I would have ordered more because the dying or newly dead don’t always give enough warning to reorder in time. It’s a rather odd Job that I have, lights for transitions from life to death (and death to life, though orange candles are not for babies, white ones are). Not just a light, but specifically orange, always orange for the transition. Not everywhere that carries candles will sell orange except perhaps at Halloween so when I find a decent price I buy some. Except this year I didn’t even look and then poof, the last one went.

I have other colours for people who request candles and for workings either personal or purchased, but the inventory on the orange ones are always a surprise. One year they last and last and then another year they are gone quickly. I should have known to look at my stock as the holidays approached – so many leave at this time of year.

Thanks to ebay more are on their way. Do you think the dying will hold off on their final breath for a few days?

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