Gratitude Project – massive freakin’ catch up

We left off on the 18th ….

19th – for my grandson who turned 15 and lovely beach birthday for him

20th – for Gaviscon

21st – ice cream dripping down my arm, tarot readings for loved ones

22nd – Mini golf!!!!!!!! I lost, no surprise, but I have fun doing it

23rd – my own bed

24th – my own couch and bathroom

25h – the medical resources I have available in this city. A visit to the GP for intractable stomach and bowel symptoms that started the Sunday of vacation, antibiotics started

26th – normal test results and the beginning of the end of symptoms

27th – body acting almost completely normal

28th – memory that perks up when symptoms return and stopping of antibiotics just in time for the NYC WitchFriends’ arrival!! Tarot and rune readings

29th – visiting, a visit to Moonstones and a tasty dinner, good conversations

30th – The bindrune!! The rock shop downtown, the Fairmont hotel, laughter, shoulder games, more good conversations, and more rune readings!!

31st – Attempted trip to Jouneys of Life, other shops, massages, tarot and rune readings, more good conversations, very late night, very worth it the missing sleep

(much laughter through all of the days, both vacation and visit days)

Sept 1st – and here we are. A bittersweet good-bye to the NYV WitchFriends, but more on the sweet. Rest

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