Monday Blogging – I love the Internet!

Overall, I love the Internet. Sometimes it is frustrating, and angering, and just plain full of stupid, but mostly I love the tech that allows me to connect with people from all over the globe. I also love the video tech of the Internet. Skype, Google Hangout, TinyChat. Seeing people I’m talking to is great. Modern day conference calls that allow seeing facial expressions, hand waving, and heads thrown back in laughter. These things make me happy. Very happy!

So, to make this a religious post – I use this tech to keep in contact with my co-religionists, my fellow initiates, my up-and-coming initiates, students, etc. I like that if we have things to go over and time is short, or traveling is not feasible we have this option. Even locally we have this option. I still prefer in person, yes, but options! The Internet Haz Them! I like the timing of this lifetime very much because of this. Huzzah!

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