Monday blogging – the value of naps

A big part of my practice is listening to my body. It informs me in many ways beyond things that are aligned with its organs’ functions. And yet, and yet and yet, if I push away my body’s messages in regard to physical functions I will less be able to feel its wee twitches when it connects outward and informs me of what is alight in the ether.

I’m not always good at listening to it. I strive to be better. Sometimes meals are skipped, sleep is shortened, or warning bells ignored. If I do any of those for too long my body has a way of reminding me of the cost of my ignoring in less than pleasant ways.

Today my body said, “Nap. Now.” I fought it for awhile. I have to go to the drug store! I must practice Tai Chi! “Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap”, it replied. And so I did. (Better listening already.) I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes. Five minutes to fall asleep and 10 of actual nap time = all of my parts happy. Turns out that timer just counts down and doesn’t even make a ding when it ends. It just falls silent.

The nap was 20 minutes. Somewhere in my brain said, “Whoa, better wake her up or this is the last time we get a nap.” Smart brain. I woke up, put on my shoes, went to the drug store. I sang in the car all the way there, partway across the parking lot, and all the home. That was an effective nap.

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