Observing Lent as a never Catholic

It seems like a good time to mix things up, the Lenten season. One has SUPPORT! Lots of people are doing it! Many not even Christian. So as I contemplated if I even wanted to do anything I piddled around with ideas of “giving up.” It’s only forty days. What harm could come of it? (I generally skip right over this time of year except for getting great prices on fish.) I still am mostly skipping over it, but what do you expect for a Pagan?

I’m giving up the story I’ve been telling myself for a year or two now about what it means to be a woman in this culture, what defines femininity, how aging affects those things, and what all of that means for me.

I’m rewriting that story, folks, because frankly I don’t like the first one I wrote. I was brutal with my red editing pen and the story kinda sucks. I do not want to be the protagonist in a sucky story. And I had forgotten. I had forgotten that I wrote the thing myself.

So, rewrite. I’m trying some things, new plot twists mixed with old plot twists, adding in some shinies, kinder adjectives, and keeping the pretty scenery. New story, completed in 40 days. I can do that.

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