Gratitude Project – for insight

So here’s a thing. My body has crashed this month. Stress on top of anxiety, layered with stress. I have done nothing with my art because I can’t be at my table because of the neck and back pain. I have 3 oil blends on the list, long overdue, and another in the wings. I can’t bend for them either yet. I have missed 3 of 4 Tai Chi classes. My digestive system has been sending stress overload signals in new and colourful ways. The one ball I’ve mostly not dropped is my hospice obligation. All of the above led to my most recent blog post.

This is like a P.S. to yesterday’s post. A thing I’ve  heard me say to myself  recently is a long time lie and I noticed because I hurt something in my right foot or leg that has made days of pain from ankle to hip. What I keep saying is, “I did it to myself.” Now, yes, I did, but not on purpose and not through lack of mindfulness. It happened. Things happen to bodies. I need to stop saying things that blame me, things that happen in spite of care. I need to stop beating myself up over it all. I need to stop the guilt loop.

I’m not seeking comfort from my f’list. I adore you, but this is an explanation post. I am seeking patience if I owe you something. That would be great.

Gratitude Project – for mantras

Ok, well this is too long for the definition of a mantra I think. How about — “a thing with words that allows my mind to go around to the left of an issue, thereby opening healthy thinking that has been blocked.” Too long for a title.

My Body is a Temple of Wisdom

My body knows emotions. I know that emotions can catch in my body and I know how to find those sticky spots and release them.

My body knows spirit. I know how to ground myself to the earth, and allow gravity to do its work without resistance, so my spirit may fly yet remain tethered to embodied me.

My body knows homeostasis. I know that symptoms of illness, disorder, or lack of balance is my body bringing to my attention that which needs tending.

I will remember that my body is a temple of Wisdom, and I will listen with openness and do what is required to honour the temple that it is.

While I’m pretty excellent at the first two, the third one has been a blindspot for me. So, my new thing is repeating these words to myself until the third one is learned in practice.

Gratitude Project – exterminators

I get that we humans plant ourselves and housing in the middle of nature and sometimes nature invades our land and house in dangerous ways. Many bugs are allowed to live amongst us, but some Got To Go.

So, 3 weeks ago the yellow jackets were sprayed. A couple of weeks before ants invaded our home. Bait traps had mediocre success. I denied they were carpenter ants until the winged one arrived. *Google fu* Aiiyeeee, those suckers have distinctive anatomy.

Bug guy came back. Ant carcasses strew the floor. We’re supposed to leave them until they pile up, likely tomorrow. So over bugs this summer. Grateful for workers who rid them.