Journeying to Change – Individual & Small Group Sessions

Surrender and transformation through trance. Trance is a less wordy version of a mid-to-deep level guided meditation. Sometimes we need to bypass our talking conscious mind so we can deeply hear our core desires. When we surrender to our innermost voice we can discover ways to shift aspects of our life to better serve our highest selves.

I facilitate one-on-one and small group trance journeying in my home near Pittsburgh, PA.  Prerequisite: grounding and centering skills. Meditation experience desired, but not required.

Do you have a sticky point in your life that you want to move past, or a place in your past that you feel is holding you back? Are you willing to hear what your soul says or seek guidance from your divine self? Discover what to do next in your occupation, your friendships, your romantic life, or your hobbies! Trance can be an extraordinarily useful tool.

I will facilitate your journey into a meditative trance allowing  you to explore your particular situation and open ways to shift it and bring desired change into your reality. I will pull from a variety of trusted techniques including drumming/music, speaking, toning, energy work, energy tending, and measured silence to deepen and enhance your work in trance.

Sessions are $35- $50 per person. Sessions include instructions, energy prep, the trance itself, and post-trance discussion. Sessions are approximately one hour in length. Bring a friend and receive a 10% discount! Brings two friends and all three of you will receive a 10% discount!

To schedule a Trance Journey Session use my contact form.