Surrender Your Stories – an ongoing course offering

Surrender Your Stories:
A Pathway to Transformative Release

Course description:
This course is a self-directed four week audio course. We spend our days telling ourselves the story of who we are now, and who we will be in the future is based on the stories we tell ourselves now. Who did you say you would be? Is that who you are? Is that who you wish to be? We can step onto the path of being our authentic selves by dismantling what is blocking us. We fill ourselves with blocks built on the stories we tell about ourselves. We tell stories to ourselves and we tell stories to others. Sometimes both are the same stories! The stories we tell others matter less than those we tell ourselves. It’s time to change the stories that are no longer useful, that no longer serve us. Together we’ll release your old stories to make space so you can create new stories. These tales will reflect the authentic You here, now, and lay the groundwork for the You going forward in your life.

We are all our own spiritual authority, so move at whatever pace works for you without rushing or delaying so long between the pieces that your work has lost steam.

“I chose the audio format because for me it is intimate and personal. I invite you in to sit with me on the sofa, feet tucked under, a cup of tea in hand as we talk, whispering secrets to each other that only you can hear. I created these files on my computer, in my home. You may hear the background music of my life in the form of a chiming clock, a bird singing, or a breeze blowing. I did not rerecord files to eliminate the sounds around me. They surely influence who I am as I walk through the world and leaving them puts you in my surroundings, on my sofa, comfortably hugged by supportive pillows.”

Cost: $40

What you’ll receive via email:
A) Audio files: instruction files for each week (5), chant file (1), grounding-and-centering file (1).
B) Brief supplemental written instructions in PDF format.

Payments are accepted through the PayPal “Donate” button on this page. If the email you wish to receive the materials through is different than the one you use with PayPal please let me know with your payment.

Once payment is received the course will be emailed to you within ~24 hours.